Anna Priest – Financial Coach

I enjoy helping my clients take control of their finances by allowing me to organize, reconcile, budget, and plan for future goals.  Numbers are not for everyone, and if you struggle with that aspect of your business it can often be a daunting task which can eventually be detrimental to the health of your organization.  I would love to help you regain control of your financial tasks to allow you to focus on what you do best: create and grow.

I am a financial coach and instructor at Mountain BizWorks specializing in non-profits and small businesses and teaching courses in Financial Tools and Quickbooks.  I currently serve on the Asheville Downtown Association Board as well as the City of Asheville’s Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE).  These three organizations allow me to stay connected with the community as well as remain up-to-date on current events and how they may affect the local financial climate for my clients and their businesses and organizations.

I have had diverse careers, most notably as a Project Manager and Environmental Scientist at ClearWater Environmental and Anchor QEA (formerly Altamont Environmental) and Executive Director at the Asheville Museum of Science.  I have discovered a unique and niche passion for financial advising through my different careers and would love to share my knowledge to benefit your organization.

In addition to being a numbers nerd, I love the outdoors and spending time exploring the beautiful mountains that surround our region by either hiking, biking, or running.  Being a lifelong Asheville native, I can also help you network and expand your business beyond your current circle.  I would love to meet you and get to know your business and what you are passionate about and how you have found your niche in our community.